Monday, May 19, 2014

Introductions: Amy from SewsNBows

Hello re-fashionistas! I'm Amy from SewsNBows! I write a sewing blog because none of my friends make clothes. I love the sewing community online; it seems there's always someone to help out or teach. Only a fellow sewist can really appreciate the details and techniques in our work. Amy from SewsNBows I'm happy to be a contributor her at Refashion Co-op! I do a lot of refashions, but they don't always get published on the blog. I will hem pants, crop jeans into shorts, add a cuff for length- anything to make our clothing last longer. Especially with children, sewing can really stretch the dollar. Confession: I spend enough on fabric to cancel out any savings. But I digress. American Girl Doll Clothes | SewsNBows My favorite thing to make children's clothes, but I use the leftover scraps to make doll clothes. The outfits above were made using fabric scraps & kids clothes that were outgrown or beyond repair. Flapper Costume Refashion | DIY Dress Up Clothes Sometimes I can refashion outgrown clothing into something fun. Here, I've turned my nieces old top into a 1920's costume to play dress up. Check out the flapper refashion tutorial if you'd like to see how easy it was. Dollar Store Kitchen Towel Makeover | SewsNBows Clothes are my thing, but I'm all about customizing inexpensive items into something fabulous. Kitchen towel makeovers are a great way revamp your space. A project like this uses up your leftover bits, and makes a nice gift. (Personally, I much more impressed by a thoughtful gift than an expensive gift.) Christmas Ornament Refashions & DIY Tree Ideas Sometimes, my refashion projects aren't even sewing related. I wanted a new look for Christmas tree last year, but didn't want to spend money on new ornaments. I put the scrap bin to good use, and came up with lots of DIY Christmas tree ornaments. It made me proud to hear my husband say," I thought she was crazy when she made me spray paint a bunch of dead tree branches. But look at our tree!" My best DIY projects and refashions happen when my tastes conflict with my budget. Refashion Co-op is a wonderful place to swap ideas. I've been inspired by many of your projects. Thanks so much for reading; I look forward to getting to know some of you!


Emily Thompson said...

super fun!!! I love Amy's projects and can;t wait to see what she shares here!!

jennifer elliott said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! I love the flapper dress!

cfortin said...

Welcome to Refashion Co-op. Your flapper dress refashion is incredible! Just a reminder that we do like to see the before pictures on this blog. Happy to have you and all you ideas here.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab