Thursday, May 08, 2014

Lavender Sundress

I picked up a few jersey knit dresses to wear in the summer and found that I never wore the lavender one.
Maybe because it just looks weird on me... I pulled it out of the refashion pile to make it into a dress that I would wear more often.

I removed the sleeves, raised the waistline, adjusted the back and threaded the old belt/sash through to make it tie at the neck.
You can follow the step-by-step, see more details and read about a bad habit many of us who sew have picked up over on my blog.


Joke Vermanen said...

So much more fun!

Althéa Vestri said...

Well done!!

Sandy said...

Looks like a completely different person!
It will be great for summer.
Sandy in the UK

Rachel Kerstetter said...

Sandy, I do look like a different person in this picture! In the middle of the refashion, I got my hair cut and colored!

IWOM said...

Well, that's taking refashioning to the extreme!

A little lavender can go I long way I always say.


PS - Readers, make sure to click on the link to Rachel's blog. I fall into that guilty category and will be renewing my efforts to stop!