Friday, May 09, 2014

#MMMay14: New Refashions!

I decided to pledge along with Me-Made May this year and my pledge was to wear me-made items everyday this month, make two pieces from patterns (something I NEVER do) and complete 10 refashions. Well, I have completed two refashions and wore them together today!

The first was this sleeveless lace top that I thrifted last month:

I turned it into a peplum tank by cutting off the bottom half, opening the loops and resewing them together before gathering and attaching it to the top half again...but it was kinda loose so I added a few pleats in the back at the new waist and then gathered the sleeves at the shoulder as I didn't like the original width. Here's how it came out:

My next piece was this thrifted floral t-shirt:

I cut it up the center, shortened the length and finished off the raw edges with twill and bias tape. Now I've got a new cropped floral cardi that I'm absolutely in love with!

Come see a bit more on these refashions and how I wore them today here. Hope you like 'em because I'm crushing on the two together big time! ;)



Kelsey said...

Great refashions! So cute :)

Andrea said...

Thanks Kelsey :)

Andrea EOD

Gema Ensenat said...

They'e both gorgeous! I especially love the cardi, so pretty :)

Andrea said...

Thanks, Gema :) Appreciate your comments so much!

Magda E. said...