Thursday, May 15, 2014

Further Adventures in Silk Screening

Started with these two plain shirts
Laid down a homemade paper stencil
 Threw the silkscreen overtop
 Paint and squeegee!
 ...And the results!
I'm getting better at this. But still a long way to go!
Thanks for bearing witness to my fumbling attempts


IWOM said...

Anytime! We don't do grades here!



jennifer elliott said...

Did you make the silk screen frame yourself? I love your process! Keep up the good work!

Sam said...

Wow, this is so interesting and the result looks terrific. Thanks for your comment...Happy weekend hun!

Nina said...

Thanks all! Hey Jennifer I didn't make the screen - I bought it along with fabric paint, brush, squeegee, and instructions as part of a silk screen kit. Still working my way through the instructions... seems there are several methods of screen printing! I'll post more pics as I figure out the less straight forward methods...