Sunday, May 11, 2014

Running accessories

I promised my daughter that I will run a 5K race with her next month. I am not a runner, so I need to get in shape and train.

I need a way to carry my phone, which measures my distance for me and is also my timer. I looked at some arm bands on amazon, but in the end I just made one myself. It is cut from a pair of old child's tights, just a tube folded back on itself to make a pocket. I added a button for extra security.

I also needed something to cover my sensitive ears. Cold air or wind makes my ears ache. I have a fleece headband that I wear in winter, but it is far too heavy for this time of year. I cut another tube from the other leg of the tights and sewed it together to make a headband. Now I have matching accessories to run in.

Here's my daughter modeling my new gear.


Sandy said...

what a good idea! We have a lot of wind today. The headband would have made a good addition!
Sandy in the UK

Carissa said...

Excellent repurposing! I never would have thought to use tights, but they're the perfect material for a little extra warmth with being too much.

Good luck in the 5K!


Louba said...

Brilliant idea!

vintagevogue said...

Great idea. I actually have the same problem with my ears and no one understands, so it's good to know there's someone else out there with the same problem!