Wednesday, May 28, 2014

scarf refahion #2


this is the transformation of a scarf and a tunic. The tunic has been transformed a first time, but the result did not suit me.
It has become a t-shirt. I used a template to do it.
The scarf became her skirt.

before :

After :

For more it's here : made in Liochka


Joke Vermanen said...

It is a very nice outfit. Very suitable for spring or summer with that perfect color combination!

Annikins said...

Gorgeous scarf, makes a very nice and springlike skirt

IWOM said...

Qui n'a pas fait un refashion d'un refashion?!?



Marissa Nielsen said...

I love how these both turned out! Especially the scarf to skirt transformation! How did you do it?

jennifer elliott said...

I love the colors and pattern! Great job!