Friday, May 30, 2014

Too Small Slip To Nightgown Refashion

This refashion is not a complete transformation but it does take the slip (shown above) from unwearable to wearable. I bought this vintage slip decades ago. While I can still fit into the lace bodice, the rest of the slip is now extremely tight and unflattering. Thinking losing weight would solve the issue, I held onto the slip while working at getting fit. Although I did achieve the goal of being able to get into the slip again, resembling a stuffed sausage was not the look I was hoping for.

To solve this unsightly problem I removed the lace bodice and hem from the slip and discarded the rest, and sewed on a larger piece of slinky fabric from my stash. But because the fabric I had was a much darker color than the original slip fabric it didn't look quite right with the light colored lace.

In order to tie the two colors together I cut out some of the roses from the original lace hem and appliqued them to the front of the gown. Since I don't wear slips anymore I'll be using this transformation as a nightgown. For details on sewing the gown and a link to the free downloadable pattern I used for the bias cut body of the nightgown shown below, click here to go to my blog post.


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So gorgeous! I absolutely love it!

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Thank you!