Thursday, May 01, 2014

Turquoise Top

I bought this shirt at a thrift shop with intentions of wearing as it. But the single button kept bugging me. The other buttons are hidden under the placket (or whatever it is called!)

I removed the collar and sleeves. I opened up the shoulder seam and pintucked a few areas. Unfortunately the left and right sides are a bit off. But I don't think you could tell unless you were inspecting it very closely. Can you tell I am OK if my refashions are not perfect! So, what, who cares?!

I then re-stitched the shoulder seam back up

  I used the material from the sleeves to make ties with. I turned the collar edges down and inserted the ties and then sewed in place. I wasn't happy at that point because the ties were a bit to stiff to tie in a fashion that I liked. So, I just inserted a button hole and slipped the other tie through it. And it hides that darn button!


IWOM said...

I'm going to speak for everyone this morning by saying the last step is the best! What a great use for a button hole!


Magda E. said...

Much much better. What an inspiring refashion.

Sandy said...

Love the idea of making the collar into a casing for the tie...oh yeah, and hiding the single button. What was that about? LOL
Sandy in the UK