Monday, May 12, 2014

Yellow Striped Tee

This overly-ruffled tee really just needed a less-is-more makeover.

Yellow Striped Tee - Before

All I did was remove the ruffles with my seam ripper and scissors. That's it!

Yellow Striped Tee - AfterYellow Striped Tee - After

Come on over to CarissaKnits for more pics!

Yellow Striped Tee - Before & After


jennifer elliott said...

Normally I'm a big fan of ruffles but I agree with your decision to remove them. Nice job.

Annikins said...

Much nicer

Sandy said...

Well done. I think you'd have to have not much of a bosom at all to carry off the ruffles, so wise move.
Sandy in the UK

Lanky Sunshine said...

Man, what a difference a removed ruffle makes! I love when you can get a great new piece with very little work.