Monday, June 30, 2014

50s Halterneck from a Long Sleeve T-Shirt, & Hello!

Hello, I'm Jeni and this is my first contribution to Refashion Co-op. Sewing is a big passion of mine, and I got into refashioning clothing a few years ago because I can never find clothes in the store that I like. A lot of my refashions involve giving clothing a faintly 50s twist as I simply adore the fashions of that era! True to that sentiment, my very first entry to this blog is a long sleeved t-shirt that I have turned into a 50s style halterneck top.

To begin at the beginning, here is the before photo, just a plain and simple long sleeved, high neck t-shirt.

I love the hot pink colour but it was a bit plain for my taste. Plus, as it's summer I wanted to make it into something a bit more suitable for the lovely warm weather.

And so the halterneck top was created! The sleeves have been tucked into the side seams to create the neckline, the full step by step instructions can be found on my blog Lola Nova where I have photographed the whole process.

I plan on wearing this with a circle skirt, denim jeans and a pencil skirt (not all at the same time though, that would be mad!).

Until next time,



Selena said...

Beautiful refashion!! And a big hello :)

Séléné mwezi said...

it's beautiful!!!

Refashion said...

Welcome to the Refashion Co op. We are so glad to have you here as a contributor. I love the way the refashioned top drapes and the front bow.

Debbie EOD

Feeling Kinda Thirfty said...

Wow! Such a unique and stunning refashion.

Lola Nova said...

Thank you all for your comments :)

me said...

your blog is no longer up can you send me directions on how to accomplish this?? my email is thanks

Aru said...

Is there somewhere the tutorial is still up? otherwise, would it be possible for you to send me the directions also? my email is

Lucie Sidzinová said...

Hey :) i am also adept for manual how to make it, i need it so badly, it's really cool :) my email is, hope you will sendvič it to me and wish you everything good and nice day :)