Sunday, June 22, 2014

Anne Taylor meets Grandma

I found an Ann Taylor dress at a thrift store which is a nice brand and ever so much nicer at thrift store prices. It’s a faux wrap front with a sexy “V” neckline and the best part is that it feels like wearing a t-shirt, but it looks way nicer because of the collar and sleeve cuffs. So smart, Anne! When I bought the dress it was an awkward mid-calf length on me and I wore it once with compliments, but I don’t know….something wasn’t quite right; it needed to be shorter. I took a guess and cut some of the length off, eight inches to be precise and WHOA! I should have marked where I wanted it to fall. But oh no, I didn’t have time for that (smack head) and I ended up with a super short dress. Whoops. It barely covered my butt, which apparently takes up more space than I realize. WP_20140619_08_20_33_ProRummaging through my “Fun Fabric” bin I came across a silk scarf that I got from an estate sale for a dollar. I ruffled the scarf just enough to match the circumference of the dress and sewed it to the bottom. It adds four inches back to the length, landing right above my knee where I wanted it. Now it is even cuter than when Anne designed it, but it is still super comfy and looks great for work. WP_20140619_08_20_48_Pro Amy Jo at The Little Moments

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Carissa said...

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. Sometimes cutting off too much can be a happy accident that leads to something even cuter. Great job!