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Friday, June 27, 2014

Basic Black

Quick! What's the first thing you think of when you see this dress?

Black Pencil Skirt - Before

I'm guessing it was not "black pencil skirt," was it? Well, it wasn't my first thought either, but I got there eventually.

I removed the outer print fabric and flipped the zipper to the inside of the skirt since it had been sandwiched between the two fabrics. Then I took in the darts and gave it a new waistband.

And now I've got a wardrobe basic I was so sorely lacking before.

Circus Blouse Refashion- AfterCircus Blouse Refashion- AfterCircus Blouse Refashion- After

No, you're not going insane. Yes, you already saw these pics when I posted about the blouse a few days ago.

More details and pics at CarissaKnits!

Black Pencil Skirt - Before & After


Bailey Mills said...

Any plans for the funky fabric from the top?

Nina said...


Carissa said...

I don't have a solid plan yet, Bailey, but I'm thinking on it. I'm sure you'll see that 'before' pic again.

Andrea said...

Loving the blouse still...;) And the skirt is such a great piece to have...but I, as well, am wondering what will become of the top half!

Andrea EOD