Friday, June 06, 2014

Bow dress refashion!

I am catching up on my refashion posts here on RFC from what I have on my blog. I had a small accident, no worries I will be fine, but I have been sort of told to minimize my walking and keep my leg elevated for several days to help with healing. So perfect time to catch up on my blog and also great time to add all those hooks and buttons to clothing. I almost have a rig set up by sewing machine, hopefully I can spend some time sewing.
I found this dress with stripes and bows and just fell for it (no pun intended!!!). I thought it would be cute as is but when I put it on I realized there were too many elements in this dress and it was NOT working with each other. The biggest issues where the eyelet lace on the bottom, the straps, and no waist transition.

I removed the lace and the straps. Instantly better. Then I converted the straps into a belt and attached it to the dress. Done! Much simpler and chic!
I actually wore this dress out and got many compliments. If only people knew where this dress started from!
For more on this refashion click here.

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Andrea said...

I've been loving your refashions lately, Lauren (not that I haven't before) but even more. Seriously, how cute is this dress now!!! Simple changes make the biggest impact! And it looks awesome one you :)

Andrea EOD