Monday, June 30, 2014

Cropped Leather Jacket

So I came across this leather jacket in our building's 'giveaway' area.
I really like the cutouts, the simplicity of the design (no lining), and the color. However, it was boxy.
I wanted a more modern look and immediately knew I would crop it.
Leftovers! I'll save that for a later project :). The new cropped length was great, but now I needed to tackle the boxiness of it all. I did so by adding darts in the back. And here they are from the outside.
 Here's the final result.
I love how simple the changes were and what an impact they had! Well, what do you think? An improvement or would you have left it? I can't wait to get to work with the leftovers from this one...I'm thinking a clutch/purse, iPhone case...I'll combine the two! If you want to see more of this project and my process, you can find it here. Happy Monday!



Renata ʚϊɞ said...

Pretty! Your look is kindof 60s in that ohoto. Wish my work had a swaps-giveaways :D

Séléné mwezi said...

I love your jacket! good job!

Andrea said...

Thanks ladies :) It's actually where I live, Renata :) Sorry, shoulda specified that...I live in an apartment building and yes, we are lucky to have this set up where unwanted items have a place to be left and perused. I've found several useful things there!

jennifer elliott said...

Great refashion.

Lola Nova said...

It looks really nice on you, very elegant :)