Sunday, June 22, 2014

Easy fix for a large, boxy blazer

I had gotten this lovely linen blazer that I thought would fit but it was just too big and boxy. No shape.

This was going to be a project that would be way too much work to take in via sewing and tailoring. And the arms needed a bit more wiggle room- it was a tad tight there. But big in the waist. My solution was using elastic to gather both sleeves and then also use elastic to gather the waist- but it was only applied halfway around the back. Here is my end blazer!
Better fitting and I have plenty of room to reach and grab things. :) Here is the recap.



Carissa said...

I LOVE the gathered sleeves! Those are fantastic!


Anna said...

Way, way better. Inspiring!

Elisabetta Volpi said...

ottimo lavoro, ma come hai fatto?