Thursday, June 19, 2014


I've finally jumped on the kimono bandwagon, folks! Back in May I thrifted this lovely silk robe and had plans to refashion it immediately. Well, I went away for almost a month and two weeks after getting back have finally tackled it! And it was pretty simple. Here's where I started:

Now, all I did was chop it off just above the pockets (giving it a curved hem) and finished off the raw edges with a  rolled hem. I was at first skeptical, but I'm loving it after all! AND I still have the whole bottom part to use up in other fun's the before and after:

To see more ways of styling this cropped kimono, you can check out today's blog post here.

This next kimono is made from scratch, but just as quick. I started with this thrifted piece of vintage polyester fabric:

I cut it according to the dimensions on Merrick's amazingly easy-to-follow tutorial (hate patterns so anything using two rectangles and 3 straight lines of sewing is the best kind of 'pattern' in my book!) The final step was to cut the front with a rounded hem, which is optional. No finishing off as I won't be seeing any fraying with this fabric!

And there you have it! A fun kimono-style jacket perfect for a cool, rainy day :). I got immediate compliments when I decided to wear it just after finishing it...another reason I decided not to hem ;). I couldn't wait to put it on! Seriously, go check out Merrick's version, as the fabric she used is amazing and her styling is impeccable.

Look here for more info on this piece :).



Jazzy Jack said...

Just loving this Andrea! They both look wonderful. Thanks for the links to the tutorial. I'm with you, I hate patterns, and love square sewing! I think that's why I love refashioning :-) I'm thinking of making this in some wool fabric I thrifted for our Winter.

Andrea said...

Great idea! I'll be looking out for the perfect fabric to make a "winter" version myself!

IWOM said...

So, were people like you frightened by a pattern as a child? Is there a bad teacher in your past? Do we need to start a support group?

Kidding aside, I often wonder about WHY people say they hate patterns. Waaaaay back when I was a teacher at Liberty's Sewing School in London I'd get a comment every so often (actually, more often than I'd wish) from a student about when they were much younger and were learning the subject du jour they had to keep ripping apart their project and redoing it until the teacher was satisfied. That experience put them off sewing or crafting, which always struck me as very sad.

Hopefully that's not what we are looking at here!

What are other people's reasons for not using patterns?



Andrea said...

I am in awe of people who can sew with patterns adjusting to their measurements and producing beautiful pieces...I think I currently don't have the patience to be that person, so I profess an antipathy for such things ;) Refashioning really does allow for 'mistakes' and creatively working around them, and if you are good enough, I imagine patterns can as well.