Friday, June 13, 2014

Kissin' Frogs ;)

hey all!
Thought I'd share my newest fabric paint/stencil experiment. I've started making my own stencils using old DVD cases I got for free from the library and an x acto blade. I won't lie, making the stencils is a pain in the butt. But! I do have a nice little collection going on now...

Here's a new one I made of a froggie
..To which I added a hand painted silver crown cause like obvs the little hopper is a handsome prince!

On the reverse, I stenciled a nice big kiss, adding a few bleach splashed "magic sparkles"
I sewed the two pieces into a cute beach tote (which I omitted to photograph before I gave it away as a bday prezzie to a pal!) Def havin' fun with this new craft project :D

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Andrea said...

We do want to be able to see a finished 'after' project, so hopefully next time you post we'll be able to see the full final result! This is a great application for jazzing up old t-shirts and such, so thanks for sharing :)

Andrea EOD