Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Making an "Old Lady Skirt" Teenager Worthy!

We were gifted some skirts by a dear lady.  She is very dear to us, but from a different generation.  To be fair, she knows our love for skirts, and our love for refashioning, and gave the skirts to us with that purpose in mind!  So here was the before picture.  (I couldn't even get my teen to model it this time!)
 So we cut 10 inches off the bottom and sewed up a new hem.  Then I unpicked about 4 inches of the waist and tightened the elastic.  It was a size 22W and my teen is not!
Tada!  A skirt a teen will wear!  She says pleats are really in, and she's very happy with it!
Come on over to our blog, Skirt Fixation, for lots more skirt refashions, and to read all about the new sewing competition that starts next week.  You can link up and win prizes!


jennifer elliott said...

Very pretty refashion.

IWOM said...

Whoppee! Another competition at Skirt Fixation!

Everyone -- scurry on over there!