Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mom's Peach Dress

One of the most popular topics on is refashioning clothing, I’m often asked how I learned to sew and aside from learning how to hem a pair of pants and sew on a button, I never really was taught anything else. I watched my mom sew from time to time, but I think there’s a part of my refashioning that’s inherited – genetically speaking.
My mom is a very creative lady and I’m sad to say I didn’t realize that fact before I became an adult. Today’s refashion is hers and she graciously allowed me to share it.
Mom started with a peach chiffon dress with a hi-lo hem and crazy black accents that she didn't want.

All she did to change the look of this dress was replace all the black with peach ribbon and added a hint of lace and some rosettes.

You can see more pictures and more about her dress on


Lola Nova said...

It definitely looks better with the softer contrast, the black is a bit harsh!

IWOM said...

From kinda 80s to quite classic and timeless!

You go, Mom!