Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pantyhose and leggins to knee stockings

A pair of pantyhose and to pairs of leggins with running threads.

Become knee stockings.
Leggins: I cut, turned them upside down, making the bottom seam the upper seam. Then I closed the "toe".
Pantyhose: Cut, made a casing and inserted a narrow, soft elastic ribbon.
And that was it, so easy!

The remants are a sort of tights. I think they can be used as an extra layer with a skirt and pantyhose for warmth.
Or to avoid sore inner thighs in the summer because of friction, when barelegged under skirts.

My mum and to of my sisters (and my niece) was so kind to be leg models.

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Séléné mwezi said...

it's beautiful!!!
this is ingenious

Lanky Sunshine said...

Great idea! And yay for anti-chub rub shorts.

IWOM said...

(Okay -- I had to look close to see the niece in the pictures!).

I had a flashback when reading your post -- my mom had me wearing these under the dresses my grams used to get for me as I was such a tomboy!