Sunday, June 01, 2014

Shirt Dress

This dress was handmade by me from a pattern. Unfortunately, I did not make a muslin as I previously made a sleeveless version before. Well, the sleeves turned out to be way too tight.
Here is the before picture - all wrinkly and sad...

I ended up cutting the sleeves off, turning the edges under and stitched.
I used the tabs from the sleeves and stitched them to the shoulders. I think they should be facing the other way, but the seam is hidden under the collar, so I went with it.

 Now I have a dress that is comfortable to wear. It is also very versatile. If you are interested, the original pattern is McCall 5847.
After pic...all pressed and ready to go!


Carissa said...

I love the little tabs on the shoulders! Who cares which direction they face!


Lola Nova said...

I really like the military vibe it has with the shoulder tabs :)