Sunday, June 15, 2014

SHIRT REFASHION: Pretty little lace

During a recent trip to a local high-endish consignment shop, I found a beautiful lace piece for a few dollars. As soon as I took the lace out of the bag for closer inspection, all sorts of ideas popped into my mind. The four lace edges would be used to slightly lengthen some shirts, and the leftover lace would serve as side panels to enlarge a few shirts.


With my sewing machine out of order, I turned to my trusty needle and thread. I cut off one side of the lace that matched the width of my shirt hem. After pinning the lace to the bottom hem, my trusty needle and thread went to work for a few hours. Other than a few pokes to my thumb, the process was pretty painless and simple and made me miss my sewing machine terribly.


I love the end result, with the lace adding a little pizzazz to a simple shirt. My only concern is the stiffness of the bottom. Maybe after a few washes, the lace will loosen — or not because I don’t work with lace too much. The next time I add lace to a shirt hem, I might use elastic thread. Would that make the hem less stiff? Only one way to find out …


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Carissa said...

What a cute way to lengthen a shirt! I'll have to give that a try too. I think the stiffness just depends on the type of lace. If it was a tablecloth or something like that, it may have been heavily starched, and I'm not sure if it will wash out. Like you said - only one way to find out! Good luck!


Erica Moody said...

Ah, I see Fluffy there was helpful and added some lovely cat fur. Never fully dressed without cat hair!