Friday, June 20, 2014

Something made from something made!

I made this pearl necklace a while back, and never wore it. I guess it just didn't really sit right and I never really liked the way it looked. So instead of letting it just sit there and never wearing it, I decided to make something out of it that I would wear!

Here it is before I refashioned it: 

I bought a cool copper-colored chain and added the pearls in sporadically. 

And here is the finished product (I apologize that I did not get a pic of me wearing it... my husband was deployed when I took these pics and no one was around to take them! I will be trying to get a better one soon and will update when I do): 

Hope you enjoy this refashion! See some of my others on my blog, Em-Provising


Andrea said...

This is such a good change. Love that your remake came from something you'd previously made! Final product: lovely!

For your next post, please only use your user name Em-provising as a label...any other labels are used by our editors when it comes time to sort them into different categories. Thanks!

Andrea EOD

Elizabeth Hill said...

I like the new look. Much more contemporary feel.

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus