Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Green Dress

So I started with this huge sack of a dress. 

Then I took in the sides.

Get the dog's approval before proceeding....

Cut the apart the shoulder seams.

Cut a V into the back. Little by little I went deeper.

The back

Trimming the front.

Made straps from the extra fabric cut from the sides. And testing the fit.

Added darts and knots to the front. Also a lining. Here it is all finished!

Thanks for looking!


Francine Johnson McGee said...

Very nice Refashion!! It looks really good on you. When you took in the sides, did you stop at the bottom of the armscye? I guess you would have, sense you were deconstructing the shoulders.

I am wondering what the best way of resizing an overlarge armscye on a tank, without losing too much from the width, since it's for my pregnant niece. I was thinking of taking it in at the bottom of the armsceye, and tapering out, so as not to lose too much, but now I'm thinking I can take most of it off at the top seam, and perhaps just a bit at the bottom.

Thanks for sharing! Fran

Marisa Firebaugh said...

Thanks Fran!
When I took it in I sewed all the way up the sides, right up through the arm seams. I think your idea of tapering would probably work. But hey I baste everything first to test fit. Happy sewing!

Joke Vermanen said...

It looks amazing!

jennifer elliott said...

Great job! Love your puppy!

cfortin said...

Really like what you did on the back. Nice re-fashion.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Lanky Sunshine said...

Fran - may I recommend bust darts? I started sewing them into tops before I even knew what they were called, and they are a quick and easy way to fit the bust/armhole area without slimming the rest of the garment

Marisa - I love this! You did so much more than I would have thought to do and I think the new straps and back really make this such a wonderful piece.

Lanky Sunshine said...
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