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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The "Ripoff" Refashion

When I first bought this dress for 50¢, I posted it on my blog asking if I was crazy for wanting to rescue it. My younger brother commented and it was so bad that the thrift store ripped me off.

While I loved the fabric & pleated skirt, the top left a lot to be desired. Terrible sleeves, fake pockets in awkward places and shoulder pads = a whole lot of yuk!

I took off the collar, the sleeves, the fake pockets, shoulder pads and took out some weird pleating in the blouse area. But after that, nothing I did could make the top not look weird on me. So I left the project sit by my sewing machine for a while, in hopes that inspiration would strike again later. 

Finally, a couple months later, it did! And the "ripoff" dress ended up being a bonus, as I got a 2-for-1 refashion out of it.

Matching mother/daughter skirts!
I cut the top off the dress to make a skirt for myself, then turned the top of the dress into a skirt for baby! I used some leftover elastic from another project for the little skirt, so the whole project stayed at exactly 50¢!


Love Street Salvage said...

I love this! I think you were definitely the winner here, awesome refash!!

Love Street Salvage said...
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rennie vegalante said...

Adorable that you have matching skirts! I love vintage fashion so liked it before too :D

jennifer elliott said...

I love the mother-daughter matching skirts. Great job.

DressUpNotDown said...

Not just mother/daughter skirts, you made her whole outfit match yours!!! BTW, if I had been thrifting with you, you would've had to fight me for that dress! Such a great print and colors!

Séléné mwezi said...

your girl is so cute!!
good job!

IWOM said...

Bet that thrift shop wishes it charged you more now!

Really nice job (x2!).