Sunday, June 08, 2014

Warm slippers!

I really had to make 1 post about this. Because they are so amazing!

At first I saw this instructable on (yes!) instructables! I recommend you read this carefully before you start making the slippers I made. They are single and I made lined ones.

That combined with the wish of hubby for a pair of warm and cosy slippers. Usually I buy spanish slippers for him but his feet get really warm in them and from that point they get smelly... So I wanted slippers that I could wash and had no problem in getting wet.
I had enough jeans lying around for the outer lining and had a piece of discarded fleece for the inner lining. Also a piece from woolen blanket for sole padding.

And of course I can write the whole post here, but of course I made a Instructable my self of my version.

So that only leaves me showing off the awesome slippers I made for hubby ánd me!

Hubby wanted sophisticated ones.

And mine are extravagant to match my personality!

For more watch my blog.

Greetings from the Netherlands.
Joke Vermanen


Carissa said...

Those look so comfortable - and easy to make following your instructable! I love the added lace detail on yours!


Joke Vermanen said...

I totally love them to. Did you guess what I used for the lace?