Thursday, July 24, 2014

2 flowy blouses

I have 2 flowy blouses today for refashions.

The first one comes from a table runner (or whatever it was- it is still up for debate). I converted it to a tunic top by simply folding it in half, making a neck hole, and adding a quick line of sewing to make it form fitting. More information here.

Next I had a blouse that was too big and I decided to do a "quick fix" by adding buttonholes so I can take in the top at the waist with a belt. Done! More information here.



IWOM said...

You are the Scarlet O'Hara of the day! (She didn't see curtains, she saw great dress fabric).



Sandy said...

Brilliant! The patterning on the top one works so much better in 3D (on a body).
Sandy in the UK