Sunday, July 27, 2014

2-for-1: Stripes & Floral

I snatched up these striped pajama pants at a bag sale yesterday...they set me back a whole $.27. Now, the problem with these is that they are size XS (which I am not) and absolutely wouldn't work as they were. But there's a pretty simple solution...and this process works with many kinds of pants! (Jeans, slacks...even sweatpants)
Love me some stripes!!!
After all was said and done, I've got myself a new hi-low stripy skirt :). I like how this came out and the high-waist makes it much more flattering on me, imo. One little quarter, and about half an hour is all it took.

Wanna see the step-by over on my blog? Check it out here.

Here comes another one! I had cut off so many scraps from my striped skirt that I had to do something with at least part of them right away. I've had this floral maxi dress for a while now and haven't been wearing it because it is too clingy on my waist and the thin fabric is a bit unforgiving. So I'd brought it out thinking I'd make it into a maxi skirt but had no wide elastic for a waist band. In comes a scrap of striped stretch fabric...
Stripes, meet Floral ;)
With a bit of chopping, sewing, and 15 minutes, I was victorious. This was incredibly easy...but that's kinda what I needed in the effort to get my sewing mojo back. And hopefully I have! Here's the final before & after shots:

Want to see how I did it? Hop on over here. :)

So, what do you think? I'd love to know what you would have made with each of these pieces! Sometimes I go with the most obvious choice, out of habit I'm sure, but maybe getting a different perspective could help me broaden my vision for refashion possibilities! Happy Refashioning :)



Carissa said...

The stripey skirt is great, but I *adore* the floral and stripe combo on that maxi skirt. What an awesome update!


Andrea said...

Thanks, Carissa :) I really love that combo too and am excited to finally get some wear out of it!