Wednesday, July 02, 2014

A Long Time Coming

This refashion started in April. It actually got as far as only needing to be hemmed to finish it up. And then it sat. I was gone much of May, and then June kinda rolled by... Well, it's time! I finally finished up hemming it by hand and get to show you how it began and the final product! Yay ;)

Here goes.

I started off with this homemade dress that I thrifted for $5. I bought it because it was homemade, not because I particularly liked the dress or the fabric. But I knew I could turn this piece around. Literally.

The back, to me, seemed like it should be the front, while the front (with the zipper up the belly, the strange gap at the top of the zip and below the buttons...) seemed like it should be the back.

So, I chopped off the top of the bodice including the sleeves, turned it around, created a cutout in my new back, chopped off the hem to make straps, took some in so that it fit, tweaked here and there, and finally finished off the skirt's hem.

And guess what? I really really really like it!

It's perfect for twirling :).

And the before and after. I'm so glad I could save this dress, and though it is a bit dark, it's such a light cotton fabric which is perfect for the heat and humidity we're experiencing. Yay for summer dresses! Yay for saving someone's homemade piece and giving it new life!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do, and if you have any questions on how I did this (as you may with the lack of step-by-step shots), feel free to check out my blog or ask! I'd love to hear from you :).



Love Street Salvage said...

Yay! I love this dress Andrea, so much better!!!!!

jennifer elliott said...

I love twirling too! I love the refashion and the added belt. Very cute.

IWOM said...

Hmm...some hemline area applique or cut outs to take away some of the darkness?

This makes me wonder if some of the handmade items I've given to charity over the years have been refashioned by someone!


Saga said...

I can hardly believe it is the same dress. Good job!

Andrea said...

Thank you all! Great idea IWOM...cutouts are appealing here. I'll have to think on that one :)

vintagevogue said...

I love this! You were so right to turn it around.