Monday, July 14, 2014

Dress to high waist skirt - And refashion of stillettos.

I was convinced I had taken a before picture, but the camera gnome must have erased it.

Anyway, this used to be an empire dress. The bodice in light green polyestersatin (with orange, green and blue goldfish). And the skirt a linen/cotton mix.
I removed the bodice and the zipper.
I added a new zipper that fit the skirt.
I took the skirt in slightly at the sides to make it high waisted.
And made a narrow hem at the top of the skirt. 

From a dress that I ever only wore once, to a simple skirt that I wear all the time. I even contemplate using the skirt as a pattern to make copies of it, it is so versatile.

The skirt works really well with a wide belt.
The wrinkles are not part of the design ;-)

The shoes is a refashion too.

And after:
I removed the bows, glued them to the heels and pinned the sides of the bows down with a few stitches.

Tilføj billedtekst


Minnado said...

The skirt is very pretty and versatile. The bows are a cute touch on the shoes

jennifer elliott said...

I love love love the new skirt with the belt and stripey shirt. What a great combination! Love the simple shoe refashion too!