Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Give me Liberty


About 12-15 summers ago, I admired a short sleeve denim top my Mom was wearing. She promptly took me to her favourite Marshall's (she lives within three, lucky duck) and I got one quite similar in style but a different brand as they were out of the one she'd bought. It always made me think of her when I wore it. I'm so happy it -- and EVERYTHING in my USA size 14 box -- fit me once again.


It is quite comfortable after so many years of wear and wash, but slightly UN-comfy when worn in hot muggy humid weather therefore does not get much use except for vacations where the weather and climate comply.  I removed the pockets and sleeves


then went swimming through my Tana Lawn scraps. It has been a LONG time since I worked at Liberty, but I am nowhere near running out of fabric bits. I don't think there's anything more than a fat quarter up in the studio now so I'd have to hit up a few folk I still know there to get me lengths for clothing. The IWOM don't pay full price for Tana! Not after so many years of getting it 60% off -- and even more on remnants. Hate me if you must.


I patched together some bits for pockets and made binding with one and half inch strips for the neckline and armholes -- no two fabrics the same! I put a little more room into the armholes so it is layer-able, but not so deep as it shows anything I'd rather not when I wear it as is. Must send picture to Mom, she who tweets and Facebooks -- unlike her Luddite daughter the IWOM.


I'd already processed lots of my Tana from previous quilts so had plenty of one and a half inch bits to make those bits of binding for my denim top...aaaaand...these!


These were bought for tangling purposes (my CZT would be proud) but I've not got round to that yet. I just knotted the ends of my laces after passing them through the holes: I've seen some  heat shrinky plastic tube stuff with which you can make tips but tightly wrapped tape or zig-zag  stitching over the ends seem to do the trick just fine. How do I know this? I, uh, got a little obsessed with this tremendously easy project so have NOT moved on the to next refashion in the rather large stack. Naughty IWOM. 

These will be a great item to make for charity next time I'm asked to provide something to sell -- and I'll have a few less to make as I sorta made eight pair once I got going....

FYI - my laces started their lives as one and a half inches by forty four inches for a USA 9/UK 7 sneaker/trainer. 


Andrea said...

I really love this top transformation!!! Great use of your beautiful the top and the shoelaces! :)

jennifer elliott said...

I love the shoelaces! So cute!

Nina said...

omg love those laces! such fun. will be great paired with the top ;)

IWOM said...

I was wondering if the sneaks and tops together would be a bit TOO much...but there's a good distance between the two.

Thanks for the kind remarks.