Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Large Men's Shirt into a Retro Dress

Hello again! This is my second contribution to this blog, and once again my refashion has a retro theme to it.
I started out with a large, over sized men's shirt that I can be seen sporting in the photo on the left.

It looks more like a robe on me, but because there was so much material to it, I was able to fashion it into a retro style sun dress! I did add a slither of plaid fabric to it from my collection to brighten it up and give it some detailing.

I utilised the button and hole strip that was already on the shirt to act as the fastener for the dress, and I used the sleeves to add volume to the skirt part.

The full tutorial can be found on my blog Lola Nova.

It comes up quite short on me as I'm rather tall so I'd probably wear it with leggings.

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Bailey Mills said...


Séléné mwezi said...

wow, I'm impressed! your dress is beautiful.

IWOM said...

The step-by-step on your blog is really great -- thanks very much for that!

Leggings are the way to go here: adding anything to the length of the hem would ruin the line (IMO).


Love Street Salvage said...

Love this! Very cute.

marianne_bags said...

How cute is that ??