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Friday, July 18, 2014

Pantone Projects (no. 3)

I'm in the midst of a few (few - adj. from the refashioner's English for "many" or "oh my goodness so many") other projects, but I thought I'd pick something new (and easy) to get my creative juices flowing. I was gifted this shirt earlier this month, and it fits the bill.

beforeLet's get started!

First, I removed the pockets, and unpicked the side seams. Then I removed the sleeves.

IMG_6942See ya, sleeves!

Which left me with a long rectangle of fabric with a hole for my head and raw edges along the long sides.

shirt layout 1 copyLike this.

I pressed, pinned, and sewed the long edges....

IMG_6943Finish them!

... and then folded the shirt in half "hamburger style," as they said at my elementary school.

shirt layout copyLike so.

Finally, I sewed a straight line from the bottom to about 8 inches from the top, roughly 4 inches from each side. (Along the dashed line in the diagram above.)

And that was it! See? I told you it was easy.

AfterEasy breezy!
I have more photos of the refashioning process on my blog if you're interested. It's pretty simple to do, and you can probably use a similar process to refashion pillow cases, table cloths, skirts, etc. into fun, flowy summer tops. Why not give it a try?

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus
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