Sunday, July 13, 2014

She Sells Sea Shells Shirt to Skirt Refashion

I love the sea and I love shells!  
Which made this the perfect refashion project for me.
My mother-in-law found this shirt at the thrift store.  It was definitely handmade by someone.
I absolutely love the print and the fabric is really soft and heavy.  
Super comfy.

A couple chops later.  
Goodbye neckline. 
Goodbye sleeves.

I took in the sides a hair on top and tapered them down to meet the existing seam on the bottom and then I added an elastic casing on the top.
Cute sea shell skirt!

I seriously love this skirt.  
I've already worn it several times since I made it last week. 
I see me at the seaside in my sea shell skirt on several summer days!


jennifer elliott said...

I love this skirt too! During a recent shopping trip, I spotted a men's blue polo dotted with parrots and I thought that works make a super cute skirt. I kind of have regrets not buying the $4 clearance polo. Great job.

Carissa said...

That print is adorable, and I love that you kept the curved shirt-tail hem. Your little turtle necklace fits the outfit perfectly too!