Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The amazing transforming pullover

Some years ago I refashioned a turtleneck pullover (no before picture) by removing the turtleneck, and edging the neckline with biastape.
But it was not quite right.

So I refashioned it into a cardigan. Better, but the ribbing at the bottom of the pullover/cardigan was pulling in a way I didn't like. Also, the neck opening had become a bit too wide.

So, now I have refashioned it again.
I removed the ribbing and added it to the neckline ((blog post here). And hemmed the raw edge.

I like my new cropped cardigan very much and the neckline is so comfortable.

Blog: http://www.sagaifarver.dk

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cfortin said...

I love how you kept re-working the same garment, refashioning your refashions in such clever ways.

Cindy - EOD
Upycled Design Lab