Friday, July 11, 2014

Tribal Maxi

Yep, it's the third time you're seeing this 'before' pic.

Black Pencil Skirt - Before

First, it was a black pencil skirt, then a print-back-solid-front tank top. For my next trick, I'll need the help of my lovely assistant - this too-large jersey maxi dress!

Tribal Maxi Dress - Before

With much cutting, sewing, and tweaking, I finagled a bodice from the front panel and sleeves of the print dress (all that was left after the other two projects). I used some scraps of elastic from another refashion to make a ruched back for a better fit. Then I chopped the skirt off of the black maxi dress and attached it to my tribal print bodice.

The final product is super cute and comfy, and buckets better than it started out.

Tribal Maxi Dress - AfterTribal Maxi Dress - After

Wanna see more of the process? Click on over to CarissaKnits!

Tribal Maxi Dress - Before & After


Kelsey said...

That looks gorgeous! Great job!!!

learningnewtricks said...

Super cute! Love how it turned out in the end.

Andrea said...

I was curious to see what you'd do, Carissa, and you didn't disappoint :)

Andrea EOD

Erinn Merlo-Jackson said...

I love all the refashions you made with that hideous top. It looks so fashionable now. I love all your refashions!