Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Using every bit from your refashions

Today I am bringing not a full garment refashion but some ideas on how to use all the leftovers that you cut from your refashions. I know I have a full stash of them. Now, I don't have photos of some of the befores because they were cut a while ago, some of them quite before I even started blogging, but I hope you enjoy the ideas. 

So, what things can we do with scraps from our refashions? 

 - A boy's wallet for our nephew. I made this one out of a faux leather jacket parts and the linning from a vintage sheet I've been using in million projects.

- If your scraps are too small just cut them and make quilts, baskets, etc... use your imagination. 
I've been using scraps for many years to make things like that, but I've used the greatest among of them in a bed duvet cover that I haven't even finish... I mixed them with bits of other fabric scraps I had and it's been my biggest project in patchwork... which i don't do that often but love to do and see from others.

- Lining. when a garment is a bit damaged I often use bit of it for the lining of other pieces. Too often I mix fabric I bought (in my stash) with refashioning items. I've done that recently with the romper I made for my niece. The top I used for the lining wasn't usable in so many parts, but it was just perfect for lining the romper, it matched perfectly the flowers in the linen fabric from the skirt I refashioned. 

- You can use loved fabrics in the same way too... as lining or details in other pieces you create. Last years I turned my husbands button up shirt into this lovely dress for our daughter. I had scraps left and I adored them too much. This year, when sewing up a new romper for the baby boy, I went back to those scraps and used it in the lining. I just love it. And was able to use it to the most.

- Bigger scraps are sometimes just enough to make clothes for the little ones. This cardigan was made from the sleeves I took off of a dress I refashioned for myself. The black bias on the cardigan was cut from the lining of a black dress and turned into bias. As I said before, use your imagination, things can be re-used in so many different ways. 


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cfortin said...

Many nice projects and ideas here. I love the idea of using up all the pieces of your refashions. A while back I started a 20 t-shirt project where I was trying to use up all 20 t-shirts in new projects with no waste. It is still in progress. But now I am feeling re-inspired. Thanks :-)

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab