Sunday, August 31, 2014

A new gym-shirt!

My sister gave me a shirt in my size that was meant for the world cup.
Since The Netherlands lost ánd the world cup is finished I'm not gonna wear is anymore.
Hannah wanted it desperately but the shirt was to big.
Lucky for her I just watched this tutorial about making a shirt from a shirt.
And that is what I did. So this shirt went from a women size to a kid's size gym shirt.

Another handy detail.. I had a piece of neckline that I've sewed between the side-seam of the shirt.
I wrote her name on it so now everybody knows that it's her shirt!

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Greetings Joke.


April Rogers-Krick said...

So cute. We are a soccer (football) family. After seeing the shirt I have an idea for a shirt for me for my sons games. Hannah is so pretty and this shirt refash looks so cute on her. Now to create a shirt for myself out of my stash.

Joke Vermanen said...

Thank you! She actually was pretty mad I said it was a gym shirt. But now she found out she has gym 2 times a week which means she can wear it much more than a normal shirt lol.

Carissa said...

Hannah is adorable in her new shirt! Great inspiration to alter an XL mens tee in my stash to make a smaller tee for myself. Thanks!


jennifer elliott said...

I'm just learning to alter oversize T-shirts myself! My big issue is the sleeves being too big for my girly arms. I admire you altering the shirt for a girl! Great job!