Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Coral Lace

Hello everyone!

I bought this dress for cheap online to wear to a party. However when it arrived it was awful! Seriously bad. I thought the colour would be nice and neutral, but it looked dirty and did nothing for me. The fit (which I was expecting to be quite flowy) felt like a maternity dress - and I am in no way pregnant! If I had ended up going to the party I would have definitely worn something else.

(I should have bought it in black!)

I really liked the neckline and the lace sleeves though, so I decided to make it into a top. I first added it to a dye bath with a few other items, and then cut a dipped hem.

(The hem is even, I promise!) 

Now it's a gorgeous coral long sleeve top, and the lace shows up much better. I also made a cheeky top with the remaining fabric.

Thanks for reading!
Eri x


mkc said...

This is such a pretty change. You changed a near miss into something right on target. You will be ready for the next party with this pretty top. Mary at RanchHouse EOD

mkc said...

I want to give credit for this post in the contributor list.
Please let me know your username or add it the post post as the label.
Mary at RanchHouse EOD

mkc said...

I was able to enter your label as Cherieri. Thanks for the great post Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

EJ said...

Thank you Mary! I don't know how I missed adding my label, but thank you for sorting that. :)

jennifer elliott said...

I love the new color! I like white but I'm such a klutz, I'm bound to ruin it somehow. Great refashion!