Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Easy peasy shirt upgrade

My dear refashion co-op-readers,

finally I could take some pictures of my latest refashion. It's an easy peasy upgrade I made with a thrifted 70s shirt. It fits perfectly but with that small collar it seems a little childish. It just took me some little cuts and now it suits me so much more.

You can find more details and a small tutorial on my blog!

Have fun reading.


Refashion said...

This is a great update to a basic top. Thanks for sharing with us.

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jennifer elliott said...

I love easy refashions! And I love the shirt. Great job!

Ninutschka Karenska said...

Thank you for your words, ladies :)

Joke Vermanen said...

I love it, and I am going to try it for one of my own shirts!