Friday, August 29, 2014

Funky Maxi dress to a dress and skirt

My biggest issue with maxi dresses is the fact I am tall and usually they are never long enough. Never. This one was almost manageable but the problem was there was not enough walking ease for my long legs.

Instead of adding a slit, which I had initially planned, I decided I would actually wear it if it was not a maxi. So one cut and some sewing, I had a shorter dress perfect for lounging around and a easy skirt.

Dress part 1 here, skirt part 2 here.



jennifer elliott said...

Nice! Sometimes two items are better than one! Great job.

Andrea said...

Ok, I like the newly shortened dress, but I LOVE the skirt!!! Maybe because of the border on the bottom half. So cute!

Andrea EOD

RenataLaura said...

Cute skirt, the border was 'lost' on the maxi dress. Looks more put together as two skirts

Nina said...

Ooh love the new skirt!