Tuesday, August 19, 2014

JEANS REFASHION: to cute ruffly skirt


One of my favorite pairs of jeans had seen better days. I could've simply patched the holes on the side seams and the crotch area, but I wanted a denim skirt in my closet. I searched the interweb for a simple but cute jeans skirt design. I found a super cute and simple denim skirt featuring three slightly ruffled layers and frayed seams.


After studying the photo, I was pretty confident I could replicate the skirt with a thread and needle. Other than my fingers and tongue being occasionally pricked, I had no problem sewing the skirt during a few classic "Star Trek" movies with Rifftrax commentary. The whole process was surprisingly simple, and I'm pretty surprised with amount of projects I've been able to complete without a sewing machine.


For more information on the process, click here.

Gander over to my blog -- jenniferelliott14.com -- and look at some pretty pictures!

Jennifer Elliott


Nanna said...

your skirt turned out great! I have tons of my hubsands jeans just waiting to be turned into something


jenny_o said...

That is a LOT of hand sewing - kudos to you! Cute result, too.

jennifer elliott said...

Thanks so much!

Jennifer, EOD

Nina said...

Nice! Its got that sassy punkish look :)