Sunday, August 24, 2014

Making long sleeves short.

My daughter had a fun shirt with long sleeves. The shirt was white so the cuffs got stained very fast. Also the shirt was getting a very bit to short so now my sewing skills were getting involved.

I made the long sleeves short, removed the cuff and cut the rest of the sleeves in 2 pieces. I gave the remaining sleeves a fun edge and attached the pieces of sleeve as a skirt.

View the complete process here and visit my blog for more refashions!

Greetings Joke.


IWOM said...

Now THAT is adorable!


jenny_o said...

That's so cute! Great save!

jennifer elliott said...

Very cute!

Joke Vermanen said...

I know, she loves the shirt even more and is excited she can wear it another year =D