Sunday, August 10, 2014

Not for the fashionista's

I'm back from my summerholiday and in for some new refashions!
This is one not for the fashionista's but for comfort.

There were 2 comfy sweaters. The first one has been mine for over 15 years! and was wearing out on the sleeves and collar. The other one I purchased in Paris but the hood had been put on crooked and there were paint stains on it.

So I combined these 2 for a 'new' sweater. And I did a good job! 2 evenings on the couch ripping of the sleeves, collar and hood. And 1 evening to put it together again. I also removed the zipper and put it back again.

It is really comfortable and I wear it every evening when I watch tv or sit behind the computer.
Only.. hubby doesn't like it enough to let me wear it in public!

I still had the body of the blue sweater. Hubby suggested to make a pillow out of it. Line the pocket at the front so I could cuddle the pillow when I'm curled up on the cough fighting belly ache. He really knows me!
Because there were grease stains on it I decided to bleach and that worked well. Now I only need to find a fitting pillow, this thing is huge!

Read the post here and visit my blog for more refashions!

Greetings Joke.


mkc said...

Great re-use of two sweats. I also like to have something comfortable to wear at home, but that I might not wear out. You have motivated me to keep going with my own sweat refashion.

Joke Vermanen said...

And I love it so much!

jennifer elliott said...

You're amazing! I admire your patience to take apart two sweaters and then piece together. The sweatshirt looks super comfy, and I would totally ignore my husband if he said I shouldn't wear it public. ;)

Carissa said...

This looks so incredibly comfortable. I would wear it all the time, regardless of what my husband said!


Joke Vermanen said...

You are the best ladies! And of course I ignored my husband and I wore the sweater every evening of our 3 weeks camping trip =D