Friday, August 29, 2014

One for me, one for you

I forgot to take a “before” picture, but once upon a time this was one long skirt.  I bet you’ll take my word for it, right?   I found it at a thrift store (of course) and it was half off (of course) and it was the wrong size (of course!)
The fabric is quite nice, and the ankle length gave me enough fabric to cut it into two pieces.   The top portion has the original zipper, and I opened up the waistband so I could cut out a chunk of elastic.  I turned a size 10 women’s skirt into a size 7 girls skirt in just a few minutes!  A quick hem and skirt #1 was complete.

The bottom 2/3 of the skirt was now too wide to fit around my waist, so I sewed it onto a 2 inch wide black elastic, stretching the elastic as I sewed.  It didn’t go as well as I hoped.  It it very uncomfortable up against my skin.   I love the paisley purple print, so I might re-try the elastic in hopes for a more comfortable finish.   Any tips from people who have used the elastic as a waistband?
Amy Jo at The Little Moments


jennifer elliott said...

I love the colors and pattern of the skirt. As for the elastic waistband, I always use the 2 or 3 inch wide elastic. I've always had luck with that.

jennifer elliott said...

P.S. Good luck!

Andrea said...

On the elastic waistband...the last skirt I made using one, I decided to use some jersey fabric that was already in tube form (the old ties on a dress) that were wide enough to accommodate the kinda scratchy much more comfortable! You could sew a tube from some scrap jersey (old t-shirt, whatever) that's the length of the elastic, and then zigzag that to your skirt fabric...does that make sense? lol, hope so! This is such a lovely skirt that I hope you can save it!

Andrea EOD

Jean said...

Why not use some extra fabric... or bias tape as wide as your elastic... take off the elastic from the skirt, then sew bias tape to the top of your skirt and fold over. now you can incase the elastic and still have about the same length of skirt.

Leslie said...

Agree with last two! A casing or a yoga-style band. Good luck!

Nina said...

I almost always prefer an encased drawstring for comfort. Cute skirts!