Friday, August 01, 2014

Pencil Skirt

This $5 dress had definite potential, but the fit was all wrong. Also, the center back seam had come undone a bit and the bottom of the zipper was poking out. I decided I would get a lot more use out of this piece as a skirt.

Grey Pencil Skirt - BeforeGrey Pencil Skirt - Before

I chopped off the top and folded down the waist panel to create my new waistband. I shortened and relocated the zipper. And I used bits and pieces of fabric to create belt loops.

I paired my new skirt with my new floral blouse and a hot pink belt. They're the perfect colorful compliment to the conservative grey skirt.

Floral Blouse - AfterFloral Blouse - AfterFloral Blouse - After

More details and photos can be found at CarissaKnits!

Grey Pencil Skirt - Before & After


jennifer elliott said...

You're amazing! I love the entire outfit!

Love Street Salvage said...

This is amazing! I wish my refashioning skills were half as awesome as yours!

RenataLaura said...

Are you going to blouse the top half? It looked kindof dull as a dress but you brightened it up and of course it looks smart and professional

Marissa Nielsen said...

These two are so great paired together!

Elizabeth Hill said...

This outfit is one of my favorites that you've done! It's so chic and fun!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

OfDreamsAndSeams said...

Simple but perfect! I'm in love with that blouse-skirt combination!

Jennifer Colangelo said...

Cute! Love the top.