Sunday, August 17, 2014

Reviving a purple dress

At Hannah's birthday she wore a cute purple dress.
Until I asked her to discard some empty bottles of cleaning supplies. At that point it became a bit less cute...
If you look closely you see the white spots at the bottom.... the result of discarding a empty bottle of bleach ooops!

So my first idea was to paint it. I bought a box of purple textile paint and combined this with other pieces that needed a bit of purple to spice them up. Like white stuff with stains. But to bad... the white stains turned pink, but the rest of the dress was darker purple. So now all I could do was bleach some more.... It started all right, until the dress glided of the hanger into the bucket! But the result was really nice according to Hannah. Very important because she's the one wearing it.

That's the story of a purple dress who got bleached by accident and on purpose.

View the complete process here and visit my blog for more refashions!

Greetings Joke.


jennifer elliott said...

I'm taking baby steps when it comes to bleach projects ... I just bought a bleach pen and trying small projects. So far, I love it! Nice save.

Carissa said...

Super cute! And the bleached look is so trendy right now!


Joke Vermanen said...

Yes it is Carissa, now we're only waiting for the right weather to let her wear it ;)