Wednesday, August 06, 2014

SHIRT REFASHION: easy elastic skirt

I bought this polo shirt online for Charlie, but I didn't like the look once I received it in the mail. I had every intention of returning to the local retail store, but my forgetfulness and laziness trumped my good intentions. So, I decided to turn the polo shirt into a simple skirt with an elastic waist.


The process was pretty simple: cut off sleeves and collar and hem the top portion. At first, I wanted to use elastic thread to shir -- or shirr -- the top portion of the skirt. Unfortunately, my mom's sewing machine wasn't too fond of the elastic thread in the bobbin area. I tried to hand sew the elastic thread, but I was frustratingly unsuccessful.


I went to my go-to method -- create a casing and insert piece of elastic. Boom! Another skirt completed! Except I wasn't 100% in love with the new skirt. It needed ... something. So, I created a cute fabric flower and added it to the skirt. Now, I have a new favorite skirt!

For more details, hop over to my blog at and click here for the semi-tutorial.

Jennifer Elliott

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mkc said...

This is very clear, helping us to understand your process. This is a great use of the t-shirt. Enjoy the new skirt.
Thank you for sharing with us. Mary at RanchHouse EOD.