Monday, August 11, 2014

Shorter Shorts

I have a lot of half-finished refashion projects. Most of what I decide to undertake is reasonably time intensive and my schedule isn't conducive to day-long projects. So I needed an easy project on a whim. 

I had this pair of capri pants that… well this is what capri pants for normal-height people look like on a short person.
I typically wore them rolled up three times, then I got sick of the bulky cuffs and I decided to make them shorter. So I cut them to the length that I wanted, rolled the edge and tacked them down.

You can read about more of the details on my blog at


jennifer elliott said...

Welcome to the vertically challenged club! :) Sometimes certain capris are perfect full-length for me. Nice refashion.

Refashion said...

Sometimes a simple refashion can be so useful and wearable


Bailey Mills said...

I was totally excited the other day to find not one, but 2 pair of capris that actually fit my short legs properly. My height, or lack thereof, definitely was a driving force in getting me into refashioning!