Monday, August 04, 2014


I had several old t-shirts in my refash stash, so I decided to create some comfy pajama/workout shorts out of them. I mostly followed this tutorial, but had to use a second shirt not just for the contrasting waistband, but also to make the legs a little wider since my original t-shirts weren't big enough.

Green T-ShortsGreen T-Shorts
Pink & Brown T-Shorts - Before

I think I may have a new addiction! They're super comfy for sleeping, yoga, working out, or just generally being lazy. I've made three pair so far and am fighting the urge to keep going.

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DIY T-Shorts


Minnado said...

They look so comfy and fun!


April Rogers-Krick said...

They are really cute. I have to make some now. They are also a great length.